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Employee Or Volunteer? What’s The Difference?

Not everyone who works in your business is necessarily your employee. Some directors/owners choose to work in the business without getting a salary or fee. Sometimes you hire contractors to perform work for you. And in some cases, you’ll have a person volunteer their time to work for you. They

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You Can Be Working While You Sleep

Getting paid to sleep? It seems too good to be true. But it’s no joke. Depending on where you sleep, and whether you have obligations as part of being at that place while you sleep, you may well be working while catching your z’s. How can sleeping be work? It

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Goodbye, Reference Letters. Hello, Google.

The letter of reference is quickly becoming outmoded, as employers shy away from putting their honest views in writing. As a result, potential employers rely on more effective ways to verify a job candidate’s credentials. The implication for employers is that the absence of a letter of reference may say

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Never Conduct An Employee Work Trial

Hiring new staff is risky. You never know exactly how they will turn out. Will they perform to your expectations? Will they cause you endless trouble and frustration because they can’t do the job as you hoped, or don’t listen to your instructions, or just don’t get it? You can

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