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Ending Employment For Medical Incapacity 

I’ve written before about what counts as a good reason to dismiss an employee. Those reasons include misconduct, poor performance, redundancy, and even incompatibility. But what if your employee is physically incapable of working? Medical incapacity may seem like a harsh reason to end someone’s employment. But it can be a

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What Is Incompatibility?

It is generally well known that you must have a good reason to dismiss an employee under New Zealand law. The sorts of good reasons you may be familiar with include: that the employee’s position is redundant; that the employee has misbehaved; or that the employee’s performance is not up to

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When Your Employee Doesn’t Show Up For Work

Most employers will tolerate an employee showing up late for work once in a while. We’ve all had a bus arrive late, found ourselves stuck in bad traffic, or had a sick child that needed urgent care. In those cases, you’d expect your employee to get in touch, to let

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How To Resign From Your Employment

Before you accept that handsome offer of new employment, pause for a moment. How will you resign from your current job? You may not think this matters too much. You’ll just resign, work out your notice, move to the next thing. The transition will be easy. Right? Maybe. But handing

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Can Employees Give Excess Notice To Resign?

You may not always appreciate your employees’ generosity. Yes, you are happy for them to work longer hours, exceed your expectations, and do more than you ask of them. But if they resign, you may not like the idea of too much advance notice. On first blush, excess notice from your

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When Your Employee Leaves Without Notice

What happens if your employee resigns one day and never comes back to work? They may say, “I’m outta here,” never to return, completely disregarding their obligation to give you a period of notice before they leave. This can be frustrating. The whole point of an employee giving notice is

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When “I’m Out Of Here!” Is Not A Resignation

Like in any relationship, tensions can arise between you and your staff from time to time. The fact is we just don’t always get along with each other as we would hope. In those moments of tension, you or your employees can react in a way you later regret. If

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All You Need To Know About Garden Leave

“Garden leave” refers to sending your employee home from work for their period of notice of termination. How does gardening come into it, you ask? Well, while on such leave, your employees are effectively limited to carrying out personal domestic pursuits unrelated to their job, such as gardening. They are

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Goodbye, Reference Letters. Hello, Google.

The letter of reference is quickly becoming outmoded, as employers shy away from putting their honest views in writing. As a result, potential employers rely on more effective ways to verify a job candidate’s credentials. The implication for employers is that the absence of a letter of reference may say

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What Is A Fair Exit Package?

Sometimes an employment relationship just doesn’t work out, and both you and your employer know it. Your health may be suffering, your family and friends may be urging you to move on, and you know you would agree to leave if your employer offered you a payment. However, you don’t

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