Resign or not resign?

Should You Resign If Faced With Disciplinary Action?

Your boss just gave you a letter. It’s not good. The letter invites you to a meeting at 9:30 a.m. on Monday morning in the boardroom. They want to discuss allegations that are being made against you. They say they have evidence that you’ve misbehaved. You know this could turn

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How To Resign From Your Employment

Before you accept that handsome offer of new employment, pause for a moment. How will you resign from your current job? You may not think this matters too much. You’ll just resign, work out your notice, move to the next thing. The transition will be easy. Right? Maybe. But handing

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bullying in progress

Why Bullying Can Be Hard To Prove

Do you know someone affected by bullying in the workplace? Chances are that you do, as allegations of bullying appear to be on the rise. And there are probably plenty more cases that are never raised for fear of reprisal attacks. Yet, bullying is a tricky thing to define. You can’t

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Can Employees Give Excess Notice To Resign?

You may not always appreciate your employees’ generosity. Yes, you are happy for them to work longer hours, exceed your expectations, and do more than you ask of them. But if they resign, you may not like the idea of too much advance notice. On first blush, excess notice from your

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If You Want To Leave, We’ll Pay You

What if you offered to pay all your staff a handsome sum, not to do more work, but to leave your business? How many staff of yours would stay? This may sound like a mad idea. But it’s an offer that one of the largest businesses in the world, Amazon,

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When “I’m Out Of Here!” Is Not A Resignation

Like in any relationship, tensions can arise between you and your staff from time to time. The fact is we just don’t always get along with each other as we would hope. In those moments of tension, you or your employees can react in a way you later regret. If

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All You Need To Know About Garden Leave

“Garden leave” refers to sending your employee home from work for their period of notice of termination. How does gardening come into it, you ask? Well, while on such leave, your employees are effectively limited to carrying out personal domestic pursuits unrelated to their job, such as gardening. They are

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