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How To Calculate Your Redundancy Payout

“You’re redundant.” Those aren’t the nicest words you’ll ever hear. But many people face redundancy from their jobs at least once in their careers. For some, going through the restructuring process is harrowing enough. But to actually lose your job through no fault of your own, that’s another level. Your

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Will Moving Office Make Me Redundant?

Where you work is as much part of your terms and conditions of employment, as what work you do and how much you get paid. So if your boss asks you to move to another location, does that mean your old role is now redundant? This can be relevant for you

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Will I Get Paid If My Employer Goes Into Liquidation?

It’s a sad day when any company fails. And if you were employed by the company and are left unpaid for work you performed, it feels even worse. Often, when we say a company has failed, we mean it has been put into liquidation. That can happen when the company

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Can Your Employer “Test The Market” To Fill A Vacant Role?

“We’re restructuring.” It’s a phrase that you dread to hear as an employee. Its code for “You’re redundant”, you may think. You may have the unfortunate privilege of hearing that announcement several times during your career – perhaps even with the same employer. While it can be disconcerting to be

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What Is Technical Redundancy?

Technical redundancy, like constructive dismissal, is one of those terms in employment law that is often misunderstood. Not every dismissal is a constructive dismissal. Likewise, not every redundancy is a “technical” redundancy. So what does it mean for you to be redundant “technically”? In short, it is where your role

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3 Questions To Ask When Faced With Redundancy

From time to time employers need to make changes to their business that can affect their staff. Just finding yourself at the receiving end of your employer’s proposals for change, where your job is at threat, can be a very stressful time. On top of this, however, your employer will

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Is 20% Change In Your Job Enough To Justify Redundancy?

If you are an employee, you may find talk about changes being made to your role get your back up. You signed up to perform certain duties (hopefully set out in a job description). That’s what you committed to, and you’re aware that employment agreements can’t be changed unless both

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Can I Be Made Redundant While On Parental Leave?

Yes, you can. But before making your position redundant, your employer must be particularly careful that they have not treated you just like any other employee. That is because employees on parental leave have some special protections. If your employer does not satisfy these higher standards, your dismissal may be

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