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4 Types of Payments for Public Holidays

Working out what to pay staff on a public holiday can send you into a tailspin. Do I pay them or not? And if I pay them, how much? Actually, working this out is simple. You just have to answer a couple of questions about each employee. 2 QUESTIONS AND

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cash or annual holidays?

Can I Cash Up My Annual Holidays?

Have you been working a lot lately and not had the chance to take as many holidays as you’d like? Wish you could get some of that accumulated annual leave paid out to you instead? The good news: you can ask your employer to convert some of your annual holidays

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bonus in your wallet

Do You Need To Pay Holiday Pay On Bonus Payments?

As a generous employer, you may delight in rewarding your staff with a bonus for going the extra mile. Of course, if your staff are doing well, then your business should also reap the rewards. Viewed that way, the over-performing staff member is sharing in the extra profit that you

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How To Deal With Staff Who Don’t Want To Take A Holiday

Holidays are good for business. Studies have shown that when staff are refreshed with regular breaks away from work, their overall productivity increases. But juggling which employees should take their holidays, and when they may take them, can be a headache. Worse, some staff seem to revel in hoarding their

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How Mondayised Public Holidays Work

This year both Waitangi Day and Anzac Day were observed on Monday for most people – even though Waitangi Day actually fell on a Saturday. This came about froma change made to the Holidays Act in 2014, which specified that both those public holidays would be “Mondayised”. (I’m not sure

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Can My Employer Force Me To Take Annual Leave?

You may be surprised to know that in some cases your employer can direct you to take some of your annual leave. That may seem outrageous to you. Isn’t your leave hard-earned and yours to take whenever you wish? Before you get too upset, you should know there are a

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