an offer of employment

How To Make An Offer Of Employment

Finally, you’ve found the right person for the job! Their references check out, and they impressed you in their interviews. They will be perfectly suited to work in your business. Now it’s time to make them an offer of employment. How should you do this? Call them up? Send them

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Facing Criminal Charges? You May Need To Tell Your Employer

Successful employment relationships demand a degree of transparency. In essence, that is what the duty of good faith is all about. But there is some information about ourselves that we prefer to keep private. And there may be some information that you certainly do not want your employer to know

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When Do You Become An Employee?

You’ve accepted a new job offer? That’s great. Good for you. But did you know that even though you might not be starting your new role until a few weeks down the track, you’re already an employee of your new employer? You might wonder how that can be, when you

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Can I Secretly Record A Conversation At Work?

Perhaps we don’t give it a lot of thought, but these days we are surrounded by devices that can make recordings. Not so long ago, to make an audio recording of a conversation you would have needed to pull out your stereo tape-deck, plug in a microphone, and press record

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