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How To Get Banned From Employing Staff

Every employee has minimum legal entitlements. The right to annual holidays, to be paid the minimum wage and the like. It doesn’t matter if these entitlements are not mentioned in their employment agreement. Their right to these benefits stems from various statutes. They are not a contractual matter. That means

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You Must Track Hours Worked By Salaried Staff

I have explained elsewhere that you must pay your staff at least the minimum wage. One of the points I noted there was that you must pay the minimum wage for all hours worked. That is particularly relevant for salaried staff. It is not unusual for salaried workers to work overtime,

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Who Decides When You Get A Rest Break?

You’re not a machine. You need breaks, time to recharge. You need to step away from the tasks you’ve been doing at times if you are to be productive. If you don’t, exhaustion can set in. We all know this, and the law recognises this need too. That’s why all

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Employee Or Volunteer? What’s The Difference?

Not everyone who works in your business is necessarily your employee. Some directors/owners choose to work in the business without getting a salary or fee. Sometimes you hire contractors to perform work for you. And in some cases, you’ll have a person volunteer their time to work for you. They

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How To Comply With the New Hours of Work Law

Changes to the Employment Relations Act come into force on 1 April 2016 that affect you if you want your employees to remain available to work at certain times but cannot guarantee them work during those times. ELIMINATING ZERO-HOURS CONTRACTS These changes have come about as a result of concerns

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When It’s Okay To Dock An Employee’s Pay

UPDATE: The law on deducting from an employee’s pay changed from 1 April 2016. See this blog post for more details. Normally, employers pay employees. That’s the way the money is supposed to flow. Nevertheless, there can be times when the money needs to flow in reverse, because your employee

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