A Checklist For Running Disciplinary Meetings

Meetings that are held to discuss whether or not an employee has misbehaved can be tense. The employee, on the one hand, is keen to avoid losing their job or facing any other disciplinary action. On the other hand, just as often, the employer is keen not to put a

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Who Should Investigate Allegations of Misconduct?

Have you recently been confronted with a report of a staff member misbehaving? What did you do about it? Hopefully, your first inclination was to investigate that allegation fully and fairly. But deciding that an investigation should be carried out is only the first step. The next question is: who

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Can I Secretly Record A Conversation At Work?

Perhaps we don’t give it a lot of thought, but these days we are surrounded by devices that can make recordings. Not so long ago, to make an audio recording of a conversation you would have needed to pull out your stereo tape-deck, plug in a microphone, and press record

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Three Warnings And You’re Out?

“But don’t I have to give him three warnings before I dismiss him?” That was the question an employer asked me as they were pondering whether it was time to dismiss an unruly staff member. It’s fair to say this client of mine is not alone. Many employers and employees

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Can I Suspend My Employee From Work?

Suspending an employee from work is a serious matter. So much so that the Court of Appeal has described suspension as a “drastic measure“. Why is it serious, you ask? Well, for one, you risk breaching the employee’s employment agreement if, without good reason, you stop them from carrying out

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Can I Be Dismissed For Swearing At Work?

Employees sometimes want to know whether something they have done is worthy of dismissal. Unfortunately, there are no stock answers. Employment law requires an assessment of fairness taking into account all of the circumstances. While it may be fair to dismiss an employee in one case for some particular conduct,

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How To Dismiss An Employee In 3 Steps

If you are an employer, there is a good chance you have had the thought that it is hard to dismiss employees in this country. You sense that the law is skewed against you and in favour of employees. To some extent that is true: there is a natural imbalance

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