restraints can apply to these guys too

Can Restraints Of Trade Apply To Contractors?

Restraints of trade are special clauses you can insert into employment agreements. They can curb what employees do after their employment with you ends. However, they must be reasonable if you hope to enforce them through the Authority or Court. But it may not be employees that concern you. Your fear

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Is It Better To Be A Contractor Or An Employee?

If you had the option between being a contractor or an employee, what would you choose? There are benefits and disadvantages either way. This list will give you a sense of what is attractive about either option. You may find yourself naturally drawn to one or the other. Benefits Of

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Are Uber Drivers Employees?

Last week the California Labor Commission decided that an Uber driver, Barbara Berwick, was an employee of Uber – even though Ms Berwick was described in her dealings with the company as an independent contractor. How can someone who enters into an agreement as a contractor be found to be

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