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Is This Discussion “Off The Record”?

“Brian,” the boss addresses him as he sits down at the boardroom table. “We need to have a chat about your future at XYZ Limited.” Brian’s face goes white. He imagined he’d have another 20 years left at XYZ. At least another five, until he had broken the back of

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Can I Use Information I Learned In My Old Job?

As an employee, you get exposed to the inner workings of your employer’s business. Your employer may teach you their methods and strategies, and expose you to their most important customers and suppliers. Some of that information can be extremely important to keep secret, and some of it simply becomes

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Does Your Employer Own Your LinkedIn Connections?

How would you feel if you had to delete all your LinkedIn connections when you left your job? Given the importance of online networks nowadays, it is worth considering whether your employer could ask you to do this. And while you might asking you to de-link yourself would be an

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Can I Secretly Record A Conversation At Work?

Perhaps we don’t give it a lot of thought, but these days we are surrounded by devices that can make recordings. Not so long ago, to make an audio recording of a conversation you would have needed to pull out your stereo tape-deck, plug in a microphone, and press record

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