singled out for unfair treatment

$30k Award For Unjustified Disadvantage

Awards of compensation for hurt and humiliation have tended to be low in the past. That is particularly so in relation to claims for unjustified disadvantage. But in the right case, even compensation for a disadvantage claim can be significant – as a recent judgment from the Employment Court has

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Cancelling a shift? Not so fast…

Do you employ staff on shifts? If so, from time to time you may find yourself having to juggle shifts to accommodate the needs of your business. In some cases, you may want to cancel a worker’s shift. But be aware that from 1 April, you may not be able

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Will Employers Pay More For Personal Grievances In Future?

If you raise a personal grievance against your employer, you can ask the Employment Relations Authority to decide whether you have a claim and whether your employer should pay you anything for it. If a Member of the Authority considers that you have a valid personal grievance, they can order

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