Make Sure Your Trial Period Has A Start Date

Here’s yet another way a trial period can go wrong. In a recent case before the Employment Relations Authority, an employer had done seemingly everything required to comply with the 90-day trial period law: they included a trial period clause in the agreements; they ensured that the agreements were fairly

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90-Day Trial Period Hiring and Firing Checklists

I have written elsewhere about certain pitfalls you should be aware of when hiring staff on a 90-day trial period. Sometimes, though, you just need a checklist to make sure you are doing the right thing. Who has the time to review all the most recent case law on a

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Never Conduct An Employee Work Trial

Hiring new staff is risky. You never know exactly how they will turn out. Will they perform to your expectations? Will they cause you endless trouble and frustration because they can’t do the job as you hoped, or don’t listen to your instructions, or just don’t get it? You can

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What You Need To Know About 90-day Trial Periods

The 90-day trial period has been part of the New Zealand employment law landscape since 2009, but employers and employees are still coming to terms with how it operates. In 2019 it was modified yet again to only apply to small to medium-sized employers (i.e. those with less than 20

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