personal grievance hopscotch

There’s More Than One Personal Grievance

Personal grievances come in more than one flavour. The most common one you hear about is the personal grievance for unfair dismissal. But did you know there are nine other types of personal grievance under New Zealand law? WHAT IS A PERSONAL GRIEVANCE ANYWAY? Before listing off the different types,

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Job offer coming your way

4 Things Employers Must Do When Offering Employment

Did you know that the law requires you to do certain things when making an offer of employment? The law recognises there’s an imbalance of bargaining power between employers and employees. Employers hold all the cards, so to speak. So the idea is to make employers give employees a fair

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Resign or not resign?

Should You Resign If Faced With Disciplinary Action?

Your boss just gave you a letter. It’s not good. The letter invites you to a meeting at 9:30 a.m. on Monday morning in the boardroom. They want to discuss allegations that are being made against you. They say they have evidence that you’ve misbehaved. You know this could turn

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medicine for incapacity

Ending Employment For Medical Incapacity 

I’ve written before about what counts as a good reason to dismiss an employee. Those reasons include misconduct, poor performance, redundancy, and even incompatibility. But what if your employee is physically incapable of working? Medical incapacity may seem like a harsh reason to end someone’s employment. But it can be a

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