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Employee Or Volunteer? What’s The Difference?

Not everyone who works in your business is necessarily your employee. Some directors/owners choose to work in the business without getting a salary or fee. Sometimes you hire contractors to perform work for you. And in some cases, you’ll have a person volunteer their time to work for you. They

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How To Resign From Your Employment

Before you accept that handsome offer of new employment, pause for a moment. How will you resign from your current job? You may not think this matters too much. You’ll just resign, work out your notice, move to the next thing. The transition will be easy. Right? Maybe. But handing

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informal is ok

Are Informal Performance Discussions OK?

I often find employers are afraid to raise performance concerns with their staff. They may not want to get heavy-handed or issue a warning. They just want to raise some concerns – to let their staff know what is, or is not, an acceptable performance. But like them, you may

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How To Make An Offer Of Employment

Finally, you’ve found the right person for the job! Their references check out, and they impressed you in their interviews. They will be perfectly suited to work in your business. Now it’s time to make them an offer of employment. How should you do this? Call them up? Send them

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