Will Moving Office Make Me Redundant?

Where you work is as much part of your terms and conditions of employment, as what work you do and how much you get paid. So if your boss asks you to move to another location, does that mean your old role is now redundant? This can be relevant for you

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cash or annual holidays?

Can I Cash Up My Annual Holidays?

Have you been working a lot lately and not had the chance to take as many holidays as you’d like? Wish you could get some of that accumulated annual leave paid out to you instead? The good news: you can ask your employer to convert some of your annual holidays

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minimum wage piggy bank

How to Comply With the Minimum Wage

The Government recently announced that the Minimum Wage will increase to $15.75 from 1 April this year. That’s a 50-cent increase from where it was, which is in line with the level of increase over the past several years. People’s opinions differ over whether the Minimum Wage is effective, or at

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bullying in progress

Why Bullying Can Be Hard To Prove

Do you know someone affected by bullying in the workplace? Chances are that you do, as allegations of bullying appear to be on the rise. And there are probably plenty more cases that are never raised for fear of reprisal attacks. Yet, bullying is a tricky thing to define. You can’t

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