If You Want To Leave, We’ll Pay You

What if you offered to pay all your staff a handsome sum, not to do more work, but to leave your business? How many staff of yours would stay? This may sound like a mad idea. But it’s an offer that one of the largest businesses in the world, Amazon,

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Can I Use Information I Learned In My Old Job?

As an employee, you get exposed to the inner workings of your employer’s business. Your employer may teach you their methods and strategies, and expose you to their most important customers and suppliers. Some of that information can be extremely important to keep secret, and some of it simply becomes

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A Year’s Worth of Articles

I have been blogging on employment law topics for over a year now. Here is a list of my articles over the past year, divided into whether they are of most interest to employers or employees. If any posts have been particularly helpful to you, let me know. Or if there

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When Your Employee Leaves Without Notice

What happens if your employee resigns one day and never comes back to work? They may say, “I’m outta here,” never to return, completely disregarding their obligation to give you a period of notice before they leave. This can be frustrating. The whole point of an employee giving notice is

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