Is A Support Person Allowed To Speak?

One aspect of what it means to be a fair employer is allowing your employees to have support and advice during disciplinary meetings. But depending on the nature of the person who your employee has brought along with them, their presence can either: help the meeting go smoothly by supporting the employee and engaging with […]

Can My Employer Look At My Private Email?

We are swimming in digital conversations. Whether they be over text messages, instant messages, email messages, Facebook messages. They are part of our daily habits and routines. And we expect those means of communication to be accessible to us everywhere we go. Even at work. And that is where the problems may start to surface. […]

You Can Be Working While You Sleep

Getting paid to sleep? It seems too good to be true. But it’s no joke. Depending on where you sleep, and whether you have obligations as part of being at that place while you sleep, you may well be working while catching your z’s. How can sleeping be work? It has to do with the […]