Can Your Employer “Test The Market” To Fill A Vacant Role?

“We’re restructuring.” It’s a phrase that you dread to hear as an employee. Its code for “You’re redundant”, you may think. You may have the unfortunate privilege of hearing that announcement several times during your career – perhaps even with the same employer. While it can be disconcerting to be

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A Checklist For Running Disciplinary Meetings

Meetings that are held to discuss whether or not an employee has misbehaved can be tense. The employee, on the one hand, is keen to avoid losing their job or facing any other disciplinary action. On the other hand, just as often, the employer is keen not to put a

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employment agreement changes are not that hard to do

How To Change An Employment Agreement

Employment relationships are always changing. Whether it’s due to new laws, new duties, new pay, new direct reports, new hours, a new location… The list goes on. So why have you not updated your employment agreements for your staff? As you might imagine, as a lawyer, I like things to

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