When Do You Become An Employee?

You’ve accepted a new job offer? That’s great. Good for you. But did you know that even though you might not be starting your new role until a few weeks down the track, you’re already an employee of your new employer? You might wonder how that can be, when you

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How Mondayised Public Holidays Work

This year both Waitangi Day and Anzac Day were observed on Monday for most people – even though Waitangi Day actually fell on a Saturday. This came about froma change made to the Holidays Act in 2014, which specified that both those public holidays would be “Mondayised”. (I’m not sure

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Can I Secretly Record A Conversation At Work?

Perhaps we don’t give it a lot of thought, but these days we are surrounded by devices that can make recordings. Not so long ago, to make an audio recording of a conversation you would have needed to pull out your stereo tape-deck, plug in a microphone, and press record

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