More Parental Leave

More, more, more. That is the effect of recent changes to rights relating to parental leave. Not only will more people now be entitled to paid leave, the periods of paid and extended leave have also increased. There is also a provision to allow parents to keep in touch with

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Don’t Dock Pay Until You Consult

In a previous blog, I wrote about the circumstances in which you can deduct money from your employee’s pay packet. I reminded you to get consent from your employee before doing so and suggested that inserting a general deductions clause in your employment agreements is a good way to get

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You Have A Right To Moonlight

There’s no shame in wanting a little extra income. One way to do that is to “moonlight” – earning some extra cash on the side in addition to your main job. Yet the very fact that you are getting a second job could be a concern to your main employer.

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