Cancelling a shift? Not so fast…

Do you employ staff on shifts? If so, from time to time you may find yourself having to juggle shifts to accommodate the needs of your business. In some cases, you may want to cancel a worker’s shift. But be aware that from 1 April, you may not be able

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How To Comply With the New Hours of Work Law

Changes to the Employment Relations Act come into force on 1 April 2016 that affect you if you want your employees to remain available to work at certain times but cannot guarantee them work during those times. ELIMINATING ZERO-HOURS CONTRACTS These changes have come about as a result of concerns

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All The Penalties In The New Health and Safety Act

The new Health and Safety at Work Act comes into force on 4 April 2016. It introduces a revamped framework for dealing with health and safety in relation to wherever work is being done – whether you are an employee, contractor, self-employed person or visitor to a workplace. THE HIGHEST

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Expired Warnings Can Still Bite

A warning from your employer is a form of disciplinary action. It puts you on notice that your conduct or performance is not meeting your employer’s expectations. Viewed positively, it can be a learning tool. It will help you to understand what your employer expects of you and how you

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When “I’m Out Of Here!” Is Not A Resignation

Like in any relationship, tensions can arise between you and your staff from time to time. The fact is we just don’t always get along with each other as we would hope. In those moments of tension, you or your employees can react in a way you later regret. If

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