Should Mediators Countersign Settlement Agreements?

The nature of employment law claims often allows early resolution without lengthy and costly litigation. That is because the sums at issue often do not justify the expense of court disputes. Often employees and employers would rather get on with their lives than expose themselves to further risk and cost.

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Are Restraints of Trade Enforceable?

I often hear employers and employees say restraint of trade clauses are not enforceable and that we don’t need to bother with them. That’s not exactly true. In fact, not so long ago the Employment Court encouraged us all to take post-employment restraints more seriously when it declared: ‘Gone are

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What You Need To Know About 90-day Trial Periods

The 90-day trial period has been part of the New Zealand employment law landscape since 2009, but employers and employees are still coming to terms with how it operates. In 2019 it was modified yet again to only apply to small to medium-sized employers (i.e. those with less than 20

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