How To Deal With Staff Who Don’t Want To Take A Holiday

Holidays are good for business. Studies have shown that when staff are refreshed with regular breaks away from work, their overall productivity increases. But juggling which employees should take their holidays, and when they may take them, can be a headache. Worse, some staff seem to revel in hoarding their holidays like squirrels stockpiling acorns. […]

What Is Technical Redundancy?

Technical redundancy, like constructive dismissal, is one of those terms in employment law that is often misunderstood. Not every dismissal is a constructive dismissal. Likewise, not every redundancy is a “technical” redundancy. So what does it mean for you to be redundant “technically”? In short, it is where your role really is redundant. But, despite […]

Who Should Investigate Allegations of Misconduct?

Have you recently been confronted with a report of a staff member misbehaving? What did you do about it? Hopefully, your first inclination was to investigate that allegation fully and fairly. But deciding that an investigation should be carried out is only the first step. The next question is: who should be the investigator? Should […]