Never Conduct An Employee Work Trial

Hiring new staff is risky. You never know exactly how they will turn out. Will they perform to your expectations? Will they cause you endless trouble and frustration because they can’t do the job as you hoped, or don’t listen to your instructions, or just don’t get it? You can reduce your risk by interviewing […]

Is 20% Change In Your Job Enough To Justify Redundancy?

If you are an employee, you may find talk about changes being made to your role get your back up. You signed up to perform certain duties (hopefully set out in a job description). That’s what you committed to, and you’re aware that employment agreements can’t be changed unless both parties agree. Yet the reality […]

Four Types Of Restraints Of Trade

“Oh no, I have a restraint of trade in my employment agreement!” That was the thought that went through the mind of a client of mine. He had already resigned and was looking forward to his new job. However, he had forgotten that, in the long distant past, he had signed up to an employment […]

Can I Suspend My Employee From Work?

Suspending an employee from work is a serious matter. So much so that the Court of Appeal has described suspension as a “drastic measure“. Why is it serious, you ask? Well, for one, you risk breaching the employee’s employment agreement if, without good reason, you stop them from carrying out the work they have been […]